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Titan Slate Roofing Testing

Titan Slate has passed the stringent testing required for premier roofing products. The chart below shows the important ratings of Class 4 impact and Class A and C fire. These are the highest ratings in the industry. Titan not only tests to industry standards and requirements, but does additional testing to assure outstanding performance.

Titan Slate Roof

Testing PerformedStandard MetTitan Slate - Class ATitan Slate - Class C
WeatherometerASTM G 26PassPass
Fire ResistanceUBC 15-2; ASTM E 108; or UL 790Class AClass C
Impact ResistanceUL 2218Class 4Class 4
Wind Resistance ASTM D 3161;Pass 
Wind-driven Rain Dade County 100-95(90 mph) 
Uplift BendICC-ES AC07, Section 4.4Pass 
Temperature-CyclingICC-ES AC07, Section 4.9Pass 
Penetration ICC-ES AC07, Section 4.5Pass 

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