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Titan Slate Roofing Accessories

10.5" Length x 12⅛" ± ⅛" Width
Titan Slate Titan starters will provide the proper cant at the eave line for the first row of slate.
Hip & Ridge:
16" Length x 6" x 5-5/8" Width
Titan Slate The hip/ridge trim allows for a professional finish for a beautiful roof. At least a three inch overlap is required for installation.
Solid Tile Accessory:
18" ± ⅛" Length x 12⅛" ± ⅛" Width
Titan Slate
Titan Slate
Unique to the Titan Roof Systems product line, solid tile accessories provide the authentic appearance of slate at the gables, and assists in the installation of open valleys which can be labor intensive when using other composites with a honeycomb core.

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Titan Slate Roofing

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