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Titan Old World Spanish Tile Testing

Titan Old World Spanish has passed the stringent testing required for premium roofing products, earning a Class 4 impact rating ( the highest in the industry) and Class C fire rating. Titan not only tests to industry standards and requirements, but does additional testing to assure outstanding performance.

Spanish Tile

Testing PerformedStandard MetTitan Old World Spanish
Fire ResistanceUBC 15-2; ASTM E 108/04; UL 790Class C
Smoke DensityASTM D 2843Pass
Self Ignition TemperatureASTM D 1929 (950 F)Pass
Rate of BurnASTM D 635Pass
Average Time of BurnASTM D 635Pass
Average Extent of BurnASTM D 635Pass
Impact ResistanceUL 2218Class 4
Wind Resistance/Wind Driven RainTAS 100-95Pass (110 mph)
ASTM D 3161; Dade County ProtocolPending
Temperature-cyclingAC07 Section 4.9
ICBO – AC - 85
Accelerated WeatheringAC07 Acceptance Criteria ASTM G 26, ASTM D 790Pass
Uplift BendAC07 Section 4.4
ICBO – AC-85
WeatherometerASTM G 26Pass
PenetrationAC 07 – 4.5Pass

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