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Titan Old World Spanish Tile Accessories

Eave Starter:
11 ” Length x 2 1/2" Width
Titan Old World Spanish Designed to provide proper cant and provide a finished appearance at the eave line.
Ridge Closure:
11 ” Length x 3" Width
Titan Old World SlaSpanishte Used at the ridge to close off the top of the tile and provide a finished appearance.
Bull Nose/Hip Starter:
17 1/2" Length x 7 3/4" x 8 3/4" Width
Titan Old World Spanish Designed to be the first piece of trim to start hips and ridges, the bull nose/hip starter provides a professional finished look.
17 " Length x 8 1/4" x 9" Width
Titan Old World Spanish This smaller radius trim is generally used on hips, but may be used on ridges if desired.
Top Ridge:
17" Length x 10" x 10-3/8" Width
Titan Old World Spanish This larger radius trim is used on ridges. The wider design is suitable for continuous ridge vent installation and will provide a bolder look at the ridge.
Rake Edge:
16” Length x 5 ” x 6 ” Width
Titan Old World Spanish Rake trim is the finishing touch used along the gables. The pieces are universal and will fit right and left sides.

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Spanish Tile

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