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Titan Old World Spanish A4 Accessories

Eave Starter:
11 ” Length x 3” Width
Titan Old World Spanish The eave starter is used to provide the proper cant and close off the tile at the eave line.
Ridge Closure:
11 ” Length x 3 ” Width
Titan Old World Spanish Ridge closures provide the finishing touch at the ridge to close off the top of the tile.
16 " Length x 7 " x 8 " Width
Titan Old World Spanish This trim piece is used to cover hips, ridges, and provides a finished gable end.
Bull Nose/Hip Starter:
17 ” Length x 7 ⅛” x 8 ⅛” Width
Titan Old World Spanish Designed to be the first piece of trim to start hips and ridges, the bull nose/hip starter provides a professional finished look

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Spanish Tile - double roman

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